Dolev group specialized in RF doors,EMI doors,EMP doors 

Emp is by product of nuclear explosion in high altitude. In such event there is no effect eccept high amplitude electromagnetic pulse that is transmitted toward the earth this pulse coverd  vast area of radios of hundreds of KM . when the pulse hit wires and electronic circuits it can burne them or degrade severly the electronic systems.the effect can stop all critical infrastructure and destroyed.all water control electrical grid systems telephone and sellular and many critical sites can be parallelized and coase caose in all country.


The next generation…… Dolev proposes today a new generation of personal doors, according to the customers' requests.  Offering high performance as per the precedent generation, this new door is offering a modern design, it is lighter and it can be delivered with many new features and options.

Single leaf door, these doors can be hanged according to Din R and Din L.

rows of contact springs made of bronze beryllium 3 tinned

3  knife contact system easy exchangeable by bolting system

Easy maintenance design by clips (no need of special  tools for changing the contacts)

Different sizes as per the table attached

Manual latching

Hot galvanization finishing

2 strong hinges and 2 strong latching points

integrated in door frame.

Able to support any type of absorbers in respect of the absorbers layout ferrites tiles and  pyramids.


 DOLEVE has the knowledge and cspability to provide shielding filtering and suppresores to provide comprehensive solutions and hardening all critical sites against EMP
threat with cost effective capabilities.