EMC shielding and test equipment

Dolev ltd specializes in the design and installation of faraday cages, EMC shielded rooms The electronic devices in the world have caused electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) becomes important concerns. All electronics emit magnetic and electrical energy,

Most EMI is caused by frequencies that between kilohertz and gigahertz, this range is known as the RFI band,
sources of interference include radios, televisions, motors, appliances, radar transmitters, static electricity, and lightning. Devices that are vulnerable to interference, such as microprocessors, broadcasting receivers, measuring instruments, and navigation systems, must be shielded to protect them from the effects of EMI.


Open Area Test: The OATS test is designed to simulate the normal usage conditions for an electronic device as closely as possible In an area with no metallic materials other than the testing equipment.
The results are recorded by a noise level meter, which detects the level of EMI produced. The open field test is best suited for finished electronic products.

Shielded Box Test: The shielded box technique employs a sealed box with a cut-out portion. A conductively coated shielding unit is placed over the box’s opening, and all transmitted and received emissions are measured. The electromagnetic signals from both inside and outside the box are recorded and compared, with the ratio between the signals representing shielding effectiveness.

Shielded Room Test Architectural EMI shielding: reduce the amount of ambient noise in an area and a shielded room technique needed. The testing device and testing equipment are placed in one room,
The shield room process is well-suited for evaluating a device’s susceptibility.

Attenuation is one of the principal indicators for measuring the effectiveness of electromagnetic interference shielding. the level of attenuation for an EMI shield complex, and the methods used to retrieve the results often vary according to the particular shielding application.


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